Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No One Expects ...

I've just been thinking lately about the subterranean depths of irony that Spain, who gave us Torquemada, the auto-de-fe and Cardinal Fang, should be the first nation to take action against us over the issue of torture. I mean, maybe I missed something during intermission, but didn't we used to be the good guys? Aren't we supposed to be, still?

Talk about feeling that you've woken up in a parallel universe -- I keep looking up to see if the sky is purple or something. How did we come to be given lessons in international law by a nation that, just a few hundred years ago, was burning more people at the stake than Cecile B. DeMille burned crosses?

I'm not saying they're that way now. In fact, I salute them for getting the ball rolling on the indictments. But the fact remains: Nobody expected this particular Spanish Inquisition.

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Anonymous said...

This is why I read a lot of blogs. Somehow, this didn't make it through the news sources I normally read/view/listen to. If it weren't for blogs, I might have missed it. Thanks for the heads up.

At a guess, though, it looks like the US might take over the "investigation" and, instead of prosecuting, fetch the comfy chair for those guys.