Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Gaiman Repor ...

I feel betrayed. Worse than betrayed -- my whole reality structure is shattered like a glass goblin. (Sorry -- wrong pretentious author reference.) I was stunned to see Neil on Stephen Colbert's show wearing -- a suit.

A suit?! What happened to the leather? The unrelieved darkness? The subtly-understated machismo? There can be only one answer: he's sold out. Neil Gaiman, one of the last bastions of the counter-culture, has gone corporate. That I should have lived to see this day.

Johnny Cash must be spinning like a lathe.

I’ll be okay. Just give me a moment to deal with the implications ...

Seriously: A very good interview. He held his own quite well, and it was obvious that Colbert enjoyed having someone with whom he could spar. (Extra props for being the first guest, I believe, to say “fuck”.)

Funny stuff. If you missed the broadcast, check it out on Colbert's webpage.

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Jeri Dansky said...

Neil explains the suit here: