Thursday, November 13, 2008

Proposition Hate

One of the biggest arguments against “intelligent design,” for my money, is the concept of the reproductive organs being chock-a-block with the excretory ones (and, in the case of the penis, actually doing double duty). Either God has a really sick sense of humor, or everything above the amoeba has been the most screwed up operation since the Bride Of Frankenstein.

I’m just going to say this straight out -- the physical act of homosexuality really freaks me out. It gives me the willies. (Male homosexuality, that is; along with Woody Allen, I’m much more tolerant of lesbianism.) And why do I confess to this politically-incorrect stance? Simply to point out that, even feeling this way, I still find the passage of Proposition 8 a high (or low) point in bigotry and intolerance.

It seems we always go two steps forward and one step back. We elect a man who's right for the job at long last, without letting the color of his skin be an issue. We finally repudiate the backwards intolerant policies of the incumbent party. But then we heartlessly marginalize a percentage of the population for a difference than is really, when all is said and done, no difference at all.


Belle said...

cthis is America, a place where all religions and beliefs are welcome, but according to prop 8, these religions are most common, so you have to listen to them, they are law.

- posted by a 12 year old

Etienne said...

I'm sure the over-turning of Prop 8will ultimately be reversed. One day all gays will have their rights protected.
Take hope. In my country (South Africa), Apartheid took decades to topple, and yet it took considerably less time for gays to gain the right to be joined in wedlock. Bigots like Orson Scott Card and the Mormom church cannot stop the march of progress.

Steve Perry said...

Hey, Twelve. Yes, you have to listen, but what they say is still wrong no matter how you slice it.

nancy said...

In Belle's defense, that's what she was trying to say. She was discussing the separation of church and state and trying to point out that Prop 8 is indefensible on that level alone. She is quite outraged, as the moms of one of her best friends are directly affected.

Mom of Twelve
Seven of Nine

Michael said...

Ah, that Belle.

Good Lord.