Monday, November 24, 2008

Death Star Jr.

So the mass-market paperback of Death Star just arrived -- 25 copies, all nicely shrouded in bubblewrap, delivered right to my front door by a polite emissary of the United Parcel Service. Ain't life grand?

It doesn't look half bad. Couple of nice blurbs and ads for my Coruscant Nights trilogy on the inside flap. Plus it's nice and thick, which, as we all know, is good value for your hard-earned dollars. I think it'll do well. It's my 24th book.

Okay, enough smugness. Up it goes on my 5-foot shelf, and on I go with my life.


Anonymous said...

Just read the first two books in the Coruscant Nights series and really enjoyed them. Please dont dumb down the language. some readers will actually grab a dictionary when they encounter a new word! Finally best wishes in your struggle with a truly horrible disease. hopefully obama will make stem cell research and environmentalism priorities. Unfortunately it will probably take several administrations to turn this country around.


Jonathan said...

I eagerly look forward to the day I can receive a printed copy of something I wrote to put up on my shelf.

You're an inspiration, good sir.