Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The 1st Hundred hours

Okay, have we got the economy taken care of yet? How about those pesky wars? What’s that? We’re still doing confirmation hearings? C’mon, let’s get moving!

And so it goes ...

It’s truly a double-edged sword Obama has inherited -- on the one hand, it’s hard to see how anyone could be a worse president than Bush. He started two wars, helped trash the economy, let a city drown while partying, implemented torture ... it was like Ernest Goes To the White House. So he won’t be a hard act to follow. More like the guy just before you on Open Mike Night who wears a tutu and sets fire to a rubber chicken with an acetylene torch.

On the other hand, the American People aren’t known for their patience. Obama definitely killed (to continue the stand-up metaphor) yesterday. But a couple months down the line, when we’re facing energy cutbacks and conservation, when the housing market is still dropping faster than a dead bird, when we’re still putting out fires in the Middle East (because we will be) -- in short, when it’s obvious that hard work and a more Spartan way of life, and not easy fixes, are necessary, that’ll be the crucible.

Prove me wrong, people. Please.

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Shanon said...

I am hopeful that most of us understand that President Obama is not in possession of an Easy Button when it comes to addressing all of the situations that you outlined, but fear the fickleness of the masses. While I never thought of his running for election as a 'possible second coming' I can appreciate the ability to breath a little deeper while contemplating a leader who seems ready and willing to step out in front and direct us towards a path of humble dignity and honor instead of righteous wrath and entitlement.