Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Knight To Remember

THE DARK KNIGHT: I enjoyed this one as much for its complexity as I enjoyed Iron Man for its simplicity. This is the Godfather II of superhero movies. A little long in spots, and falls a bit flat (as does Two-Face; you’ll know what I mean at the movie’s end). But all in all, a fine business.

Everyone’s pretty much in agreement that this would’ve been Ledger’s breakout role. A damn shame, but at least we have this performance to remember. The scene with the disappearing pencil alone was enough to clue you that this ain't your father’s Joker, unless your father is Alan Moore. And Aaron Eckhart is wonderful as Harvey Dent; he doesn’t have that much to do as Two-Face, but makes that character his own as well. (And I must admit I was tickled that they did an homage to the B:TAS design.)

For a long time I had the pleasure of being told that the Mask Of the Phantasm, which I was one of the writers on, was the Batman movie, better than any of the live-action ones. When Batman Begins hit the screen, I stopped hearing that, and I don't expect a resurgence of compliments after this one. And I don’t mind one bit.

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Ed said...

Looks like I am one of the few that liked Batman Begins better - at least the first half of Batman Begins. Heath Ledgers Joker was great in the Dark Knight but Bale in the costume and over done voice - not great and the fight scenes were not as good as the first movie although when he glides is good. It would have been a fun action scene if his cape would have found the motobike chain or wheel - at least for the bad guys. Iron man was more fun and boy - great special effects. I would see that one again and buy the dvd. I did buy the Batman Begins dvd. I don't think I would buy the Darknight but then again like I said - I think I am one of the few.